Importance of Networking

In today's contemporary world, Africans around the world have individuals and communities that are exemplary and a shining example of our prowess. Unfortunately, as an ethnic group we're spectators in today's economic arenas.

Individually, either on the motherland or descendants of the Diaspora, we're consumers and no one African country can complete in the global economy. Unfortunately, we're victimized by the multinational corporations or other economic conglomerates.

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Understanding Ethnicity

Before we can organize a networking web of communities among the descendants of the Diaspora, it's necessary to understand the linguistic traps that are embedded in our culture.

The realization that there are hundreds of words that need exploring, we will focus on the word " Negro " and its transition into black.

The both purposely disconnected us from our ancestral homeland. Even when black was substituted for Negro, the damage was done. More importantly, blackness was associated with the history with the United States Jamestown settlement in 1607.

These completely disregards and disconnects us from our African history that is thousands of years old.

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The Economic  Trap

Professor Chancellor was important in identifying the economical trap. This is where African, Afro-European and African American  people are paid LESS than Whites (because of discrimination, unemployment, underemployment, and lack of promotion), but are required to pay MORE than Whites (for consumer goods, taxes, rents, and insurance).
In addition, African people are more likely to be in geographical areas where inflation is higher. African  people are also probable to be land to a lesser degree, capital and asset. Finally, their labor is robbed of its vitality by the business.

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